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BUMM Le' Sistah, Please be fine if I'm hurting you :) Happy Eid Adha :) Stop and Say Thanks xx Kita kawan, Everytime kawan. Happy Eid Adha::> Happy Raya Sayang :') Let 's forgive and forget :) Happy Birthday Ana ! :) Today We Meet :______

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Happy Birthday Bobu !! Saturday, June 29, 2013 Saturday, June 29, 2013 | 0 notes

Psst .. Haa bobu or cik diera mengidam ( yr-form-1-name)  !!
Gonna wish happy belated tsk tsk :((
Act aku nk jd ore last wish td tp gak there's connection prob &
My plan had been damaged dush dush ://
Its okay its orait ... Seriously, I'm sorry .. Ha luchuw !
By the way, I wish you to stay pretty cute awesome & annoying 'keekers' w/ aqilah xoxo - dpt jodoh mithali kur kurr - and dijemput ke kenduri tuut.
Continue keeking but pls mintak balik s4 aku dgn Ms ina kuikui ...
Dont vivid our memories , ok. May Allah bless you, Keep calm & goodbye. :D & Sorry if edited pict wasnt so good sigh

xoxo , Noni Tk
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