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Happy Eid Adha :) Stop and Say Thanks xx Kita kawan, Everytime kawan. Happy Eid Adha::> Happy Raya Sayang :') Let 's forgive and forget :) Happy Birthday Ana ! :) Today We Meet :______ NIYA :) - Being Best Friend Forever Till Jannah Syameer #TheGang

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Le' Sistah, Please be fine if I'm hurting you :) Tuesday, December 25, 2012 Tuesday, December 25, 2012 | 0 notes

\Bismillahirrahmanirrahim/ .. Assalamualaikum w.b.t.  

I love rain.

Ehem ehem , dah lama kan tak tengok blog ni. Hahaha. K Fine, saya busy. *Tipu sunat* Act, saya dah lama nak try tinggalkan dunia blog. Tapi, reading entry from Biey's, K Mas's and K Izzah's blogs membuatkan saya cukup jeles. Oh tidak, sebenarnya i jeles gileeee ngan diaorang ! Hahaha. Ke'over'an dowh

 Hummm , this entry was dedicated to my adopted sistah, Izzah Cleoptra.  Heeeeee xD Yang sekolah luar-2 tuu please pikir positive okay ? No lesbo in Naim kayy. Adat kakak-adik angkat dah menjadi kebiasaan bagi naimians. So, please don't be jelly :D Lulz.

21/12 :  Tarikh last year for Mayans . Haritu hujan @ my housing area.  How's great k. Izzah text tanya my past results. Weird but seriously, I'm touched. Sy sangat serba salah dgn k Izzah. Entah kenapa tah. Kenapa K Izzah terlalu caring psl semua-2 ni ? And me ? I've nothing. Sorry :/ 

Sbb sy tak igt lgsung pasal result semua bnda tu, I've to check it out, And, after placing myself @ SAPS. Macam shock sangat  ! Ya Allah, ni je result aku selama ni -______-  

Unhide the marks because I want you know that we could change everything. 
Result :) Alhamdulillah

Sorry okay. Bukan nak menunjuk or whatever. Just showing this for your supportive.  Okay continue back..Exactly lepas beberapa minit tak ingat nak reply text, K Izzah call. *Dupdapdupdap* ' Apsal aku boleh lupa nak reply? ' ,

"Call is accepted" "Hello Assalamualaikum K Izzah, sorry tak reply td. Em, result trial dpt sikit jah. 6A jah. " And, blablablabla .. Call contents are private :)
 And, after a few minutes, a text received ,

" Noni, ore nk tanyo bendo ni. .______________________. Sajo jah nk try tanyo"
 Me replied : " Ho ore trimo. Heeeeeeeeeee xD " Time tu takde fikir panjang. 1 min lepas K Izzah text terus saya reply. Ouh, act saya terpengaruh dengan kata2 Bie. Dia menghasut lebih banyak . Krikk krikk..

This's Bie. Abaikan muka saya kay.

Few minutes later, " Noni, sungguh ko nii ? ____-" Oh, k Izzah seems kaget bangat ya bila reply text aku balik. My heart murmured ' K Izzah demam keee ape ni ? Lalalala~ I'm just OK :)

Dalam hati stay tertanya2, "Why K Izzah stay ambik aku as adik dia , stay sabar even aku macam gitu sikit nge dio eh ? " Lols. Oh, that time rasa macam serba salah sangat. Mulalah duk fikir, macamana kalau sikap aku pelik dan pelik bin pelik bin pelik lagi eh ?" Siyenyo ko K Izzah. Dohla dio baik. Auww :'/"

Maka, berseminya kami sebagai adik beradik angkat :) "Woi kau yg dah mula fikir lebih2, Tolonglah postive thing yap? " Okayyy. Then, Tarikh tuuu 20/12/2012. Kekekeke ~ Comelkan ? Sama dgn tarikh my bday. Kuekuekue..

This is my CUTE sistah. 
This's K Izzah and her friend
Kat bawah ni semua gambar me w/ K Izzah :) Sweet kot. Lulz :D

Time bila eh ? Hari guru I think. Kan ? Muka sy buruk k.
Time ni hari kemuncak sukan. Skuad kawad :)

#Semua gambar ni adalah gambar curi. Harap maaf. Lalala~

Abaikan muka mengantuk kay.

Speech for you K Izzah,

 " K Izzah, maaf deh klu Noni annoying tahap gaban before this and after this. Seriously perangai Noni pelik. Kade2 okay, kade2 dok. Thanks a lot sebab banyak sabar sebelum ni. Thanks sistah :')

If you're happy, please don't find me.
If you're sad, I'll appear in your life,
If you're down, I may be at your back to keep you up,
If you're missing someone, I'll be the telephone to make them know you miss them.

I'm not perfect for somebody like you. But I may be your sister as long I'm useful.
Today we're sister-sister @ students. Tomorrow we'll be Uni student @ brides.
Lemme be your sister :) And, we'll support each other.

Good Luck SPM , Dear sister :) Iloveyou , sistah.

xoxo , Noni Tk
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