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Today We Meet :______ NIYA :) - Being Best Friend Forever Till Jannah Syameer #TheGang #3 Monyett Love - year 2007 *Zarif #3 Monyet Love - year 2007 *Eman #2 Monyet Love – Year : 2005 #1 Monyett Love :P – year : 2004 Still you being my friend ? I got TIGER TK ! Thanksss Mummy ! Kak Anaaaaa ANGAU ! Dodengg dodengg -,-

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Happy Birthday Ana ! :) Wednesday, June 6, 2012 Wednesday, June 06, 2012 | 0 notes

/Bismillahirrahmanirrahim\ Dengan rasminya saya mengaku malam ni saya rajin sdikit. Hello darlings -2 !! Nk dengar story ? About the picta ? Okengg okengg. Fyi, Last 2505 was Ana's birthday.

xoxo , Noni Tk
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