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Kak Anaaaaa ANGAU ! Dodengg dodengg -,- Saturday, February 4, 2012 Saturday, February 04, 2012 | 0 notes
Burr ! Assalamualaikummmmmm daddy daddy , mummy mummy aunty aunty . Ahh ! Macamla ada org nak baca . This special entry was dedicated to my sister , Kak Anaaa LAWA CUNSSS . Trololol xD

Akak sayangggs , adik curi nih . HALALKAN eah ? 

Kak Anaaa , male tadi kei , Noni berani mati tego AH Kak Anaaa . Fyi , Noni memei ginih pung . Hiksss -,- Suko berlagak gedikss . Noni nak tahu someone tu , Noni keno tego . So , dengan rasa tak malunya , Noni gi tego . So , INILAH JADINYAAA . ||||||


Kak Anaaaa sayangs , jangan marah tau ? Noni tak buat pape punn . Ahaaa , nk mengacau dikit jee . Uhukss -,- Dont worry okay ? Abg SEPET tu mmg cool and Gman . Dodenggg dodengg ! Kak Anaa terkeduu whoot (!)

 For AH , Take care of my sis yea ? Dia nangis sebab awk , siaplah awk ! "Titah pancung kepala laaa " Ahakss -,-

Tadi , Noni text K Anaa , dia reply mesej lmbat2 . I thought dia melompat atas katil laaah . Sbb happy , HATI BERBUNGA-BUNGA kann ! Uhukss -,- Btw , Kak Anaa  , about my entry psl Tettttt tuu next time okay ? Ahaaa , susoh eden nk mereka cipta ayat . Gokuuuu <3 Farhana Mohd Noor 

xoxo , Noni Tk
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