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GoodLuck Bro ! Dont Forget Me , pleasee :'( Ibuuu , nak pegii , :'( Once Upon a Timee :) Happy Belated Birthday Tuneyy ! #First Day start hating you Aku stress tahap babuuunn ! 2011 Memories :) Goodbye 2011 , Hello 2012 ! Special for you, OWL ! Dear sist :)

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I'm changed Friday, February 3, 2012 Friday, February 03, 2012 | 0 notes

\Bismillahirrahmanirrahim / this week , me back to home . Ahaaaa -,- caused by Maulidur Rasul holiday and  cuti gantii next next week . So good (y) . But , describing people’s sayings , I think PMR is closing to me and my gangs . Whooooo :3 Very shocked to death . 

Meanwhile , my Ibu keeps nagging all times . Reminding me about PMR, my attitudes , and blablabla *I don’t remember it all . I felt  like urgh , stress whooot ! This week , my mom keeps telling about Finaaaa , my teacher’s daughter . She’s awesome , great , beautiful and BIJAK PANDAI KEPALA HOTAK DIA .

“Noni tahu dok Anak teacher Ros tu ranking ke 13 kat MRSM PT tu . Bilo lagi nak jadi supo dio ? “ Ibu’s sentence that I can remember . I just answered "Hmm . Fina tu memang . " Act , most people would admire that result . But for me , heroin tak gaduh . Can I be like super duper heroin ? I think not . But , maybe yes .

 Ahaaa :D Solemnly there’re more people out there was a LAZY person . But , they pretend success in life . And , me ? Huh ! No one knows . Act , saya nk berubah jadi ORANG RAJIN. *Highlight sikitt Nak jadi ORANG RAJIN . Boleh tak ? Tapiii , I cant do it -.- ''

Tapi , kawan - kawan saya kena tlglahh . Bolehhh ? Bolehh laaa. Err- nanti pulaklah , mata dh mngntuk , KBye :'D

xoxo , Noni Tk
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