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#First Day start hating you Saturday, January 21, 2012 Saturday, January 21, 2012 | 0 notes

Olla sayang sayong , Hikhok. Auwm , nak tau my story tak ? Dah lama tak story mory right?  But, you all must have your own protection first because I’m having flu right now. Grrr. Entah berjangkit dengan sape. Astaghfirullah, dugaan betul.

Solemnly , I miss dia so much. Rindu tu special kan ? Rindu tu boleh jatuh bila kita start sayang someone. Ahhh , not love, but sayang. *even dua-dua tu mksud same, tapi lain tau. Ehem , tapikan kitaorg tak boleh contactlah. Because something bad happens. I’ve announced to all my friends that knowing about this “I hate dia forever . No forgiving him. Just forgetting what happened between us!” Lalalalala. Very tak bersalah punya org. Maybe kecik hati dia kalau dia dengar nnti.

Fyi , Before that, I’ve told Naddy about this and siap kasi memo lg.
“Naddy , please tell dia, “Bo ganggu Noni lagi ” Sy toksei babit sikit pung nga dio. Ikuk diolah nk sero ko gano pung. I don’t care forever and I won’t ! Help me to forget dia. TQ Tuneyy ! “ Fuhh ! Very bad message. Tapikan, only Dia yang tau what my heart says. Ya Allah , aku tak kuat ! But , saya terpaksa.

Full story about the changing mind.

Ahad, after rest time. There’s someone talking about dia. “Taudok , dio tu ****** !” Tersentap aku dengar. Terselirap darah . WTH of this ? Takkanlah aku kawan ngan org ****** ? Masyaallah. Mood masa tu tengah reading 6:20 - novel BM yang very boring tu terus spoil tibe2. Mmg nafas jadi sesak lah. I saw a drop of tears fall down. Tertanya dalam hati, “Aphal aku nih ? Kenapa aku tibe2 sedih ?”. Unknown feeling.

I fastly took my prefect diary , Tini’s sticky memo and my M&G black pen and wrote this. I felt like a tiger + badak sumbu air + hantu +  crazy woman + hamba yang diuji. Apenii ? Am I wrong in this friendship ? Takkanlahh !!!!!!!  I read some hadith, words and people sayings about friendship . Aduhaiii , kenapa aku kena mcmni . “Sesuatu yang bahagia, tak selama-lamanya jadi bahagia. Tuhan sering menguji kita.Sabarlah wahai diri.” My words time assembly kept me calm down.

Here the proof.

Mas, Malin and Naddy always talking about O. Berdesing telinga aku dengar . Mas ada tanya , “Bakpo awk jadi beci ko O ?” and she keeps asking until I said , “Sy tokkei jwb soalan tuh. Stop it please! If I say that, forever can’t change it. Or , I might doing something bad.”

Act Mas, I dapat rasa something weird about you and O. Not to be a jelly person , but entah. Susah nak cakap. Biar benda tu berlaku dulu, baru you tau ape akn terjadi. Chill okay ? Everyone is keep talking about “O kiut laaa” , “O cute and cute”. Wekwekwekk !  ! Aku nak mutoh , really jahak keii ? That’s me.  Aku pun taktau apa probs aku nga mamat tu. But, aku tetap anti dia. Dan, mereka tiga orang tu takboleh cakap pasal O depan sy. Kalau tak, siaplah kome !

After that, I feel like wanna cry ! But, my diary pretend me to be a strong girl. It asks me to luah apa saje kat dia. I calm down. My heart tetap tak boleh terima dia balik. Goodbye friend !
To be continued.. J
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