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Unfriend ;( Monday, December 12, 2011 Monday, December 12, 2011 | 0 notes

Last night, i texted him, "Awk, Unfriend ". Huh ! Ya Allah, tunjukkan kebenaran. Hati dah tak tenang ni. Always thinking that he'd bored with my childish attitude. Janganlah reply, saya takut dia jawab , "Up to you, I don't care. Kalau tu yang awak nak, saya tak kisah. " *Aku teringat drama indon tu. Sbb dia sayang dia lepas, Huh ! Macam la dia sayang I. Grrrrr. *Gediks

2 minutes later , " Tkseii ;( " Aduhh ! Pakcik ni, musnah plan aku. ; Plan tak susahkan hidup dia lahh. Bukannya plan nak rosakkan dia. You know what, I'm not perfect as other girls.  I'm a clumsyy girl.
Saya takutt sangat bila talking about unfriend >.<  Taudak ? And semalam , when i asking for unfriend. Hati dah gundah gundala dah. Huii ! 

Thanks for Naddy, and Shanalara or Ain :) Hoping you always gimme spirits. Ya Allah ! Huh. Okay , Shana banyak kutuk Manja*Me . So, thankyou so much Darl !  And for Naddy , Sorry ganggu emosi you semalam. Semalam adalah hari kesedihan kan ?

Okay dahh . I dunno why I kena translate bermacam - macam kat dia tu. Okay, I layan perasaan yang nak mampus ni. Okay stop. Start a new life okay ? 

Mas cakap ; Kalau ada jodoh , tak kemana dah ! :P

Okbyee :P
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