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wanna hug K.I.S.S. ♥ Wednesday, July 20, 2011 Wednesday, July 20, 2011 | 0 notes

Annyeongi rangmal, hello hello. Hello people around world, I wanna tell you something. Before thehelter skelter, wanna you cool down first. Monomono // Just breath in 4% of oxygen. LOL ignore okay.

Because feel sorry for the all, let me translate the title K.I.S.S. individually. Given K; Kem , I ; Inovasi, s; Sahsiah , S; Syumul. Fullstory ; Holistic Self Building of Innovation Camp. Not really great for being a translator.

Hear this, 
See that !
Girls -.-

Fyi, our naqibah and several person from other unity gonna making a big collaboration and being our faci. They'r Superb ! Whoaa ! They'll enjoy us for 3D 2N :) Yeayyy! All the girls cheered up! They're given an identity card ;

My name is __________:)
As a start, we be divided into some groups as usual. Next, we're deployed for many types of particular tasks. What so? Huh! But, They're not slightest bit challenging for me. Aahh ! *What so agah ;o . We must gonna to make Qiam at 5.15 AM every morning. Huh! If not, you'll be rewarded! "Arghh ! No way," Therefore, the girls must adhere all the instruction. And, the mosque packed with pilgrims in the very early morning. What so cool fresh air!
We had kuliah Subuh session :)
Ceramah from ustaz  -"Gadis anggun, aurat dan pergaulan"

On second day, we gonna reaction together and had super duper explorace games. We dancing together :), played some games like ; Trust your Friends, and more. *I'm senile :\. During the explorace, we required to seek the next clues and face many obstacles. My heart rebelled " How dare you, faci ! I'm so unlucky today. "  You could imagine what if you must get the sweets in the coffee powder.If not, you cant get the next clue. Hoyya ! What gonna happen in the next ? So many heavy trials. "Ya Allah,Ya Allah, Please give your servant the help." Oh so ! And lastly, it's raining heavily. And, our group successfully completed all 16 tasks. Alhamdulillah :)

Trust Your Friend' -game

Before the explorace starts
And after,We're smudgy ! Oo
At night, all of us joined the "___________"*I dont remember the program's name.Uhuk xp * in D'Mas. Here, a member of a group must sing and translate the song in front of the audience and judges following the song that is assigned to each group. And, I'm being one of them sing and translate a song in the form of divine titled 'Cinta Yang Sempurna' from Sixth Sense band. Whoaa*you'll hear a discordant voice. Huuhaa !

They're translating :)
 And the camp was overrr ! And, we're happy! Huh, never missed our lovely faci and this lovely camp. Hahaha :D

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