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Birthday Gift :) Friday, July 29, 2011 Friday, July 29, 2011 | 0 notes
Assalamualaikum and happy , happy , happy special day !

okey , tak nak cakap banyak - banyak . korang , noni dah lama sbenarnya berhajat nak cakap pasal ni after sebulan tinggalkan blog ni sorang - sorang .

okey , today , after my junior asking why did so long i leave my blog . and noni just jawab , " ala , akak dah lama tak balik rumah disebabkan kem . itu kem , kita cerita lain kali tau .noni nak cakap pasal Birthday Gift .

korang , fyi , noni dah berjaya tunaikan hasrat yang TERBAEKK tuu . celebrate with cupcake . alhamdulillah ! :) disebabkan kerjasama member yang sekaki dangan noni .

ThankYouSoMuch ! -ILYASM-

first gift , my Tinie gave me Cik Naughty 

Second gift from Cik Aliaa that is , Fishy 

third gift from Beee is the frame ,

Fourth gift from Kakak , that is Baggy Shirt

And extra - extra gifts will be my secret . Okeyy , Thank you so much . Haha . noni pergi dulu . pen off :) .Wassalam .

by , 

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