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i'm SORRY , sister ! Saturday, April 30, 2011 Saturday, April 30, 2011 | 0 notes
Assalamu'alikum , 

i'm texting with sadness . well , i'm not ready for this . when a orange bookmark thas be taken ., there'll this long words ;(

" When there ' s no resemblance , there ' ll a person snub to resent our idiocy . If there ' s no something that idyllic , we ' ll take us as an idiot person and just take them as an imaginary thing . So , we would ill - treat ourself .
PLEASE DO NOT SPILL THE BEANS ! don't make me situated at sixes and seven in your subterfuge suffocation because it was willful . Goodbye for this wide apart because i am VOLATILE ! ;( ''

n so on , for the person who had received that ' SPECIAL ' bookmark ! ,
im really sorryy for this ., ;(   please dont forget our memories forever .
hopefully dont forget me en never IGNORE me when i call u , " SENIOR  ! "

never forget this on  280411 - :(
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