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:: i am i :: Thursday, February 3, 2011 Thursday, February 03, 2011 | 0 notes

hello !!

" nabihah , nabihah , nabihah .. "

orait apee pnggil name tuh ? biey je laa ..

temkiu sgt2 memuji sy .. ILY .. heeee

so , go on lah .. sy takesah pun klu awk stalk pic sy , tp , sy mne ade gmba .. i mean gmba brseorgn ..like yours laa . amik gmba skaly ?? sokeyh laa . tp , sure nmpk kler bju i kan ? birruuu !!

wut my probs ha ?? hajar , sy tak suka A n Z tuhh !!
sy benci sgt diaorm.., dea ngade2 ., gely sangt2 .. dia ajk sy kapel ,.
sy tnak , so , dia get mad laa . ! puas sy rayu .. sy bangkang ..,

tp , diaorg tmau terima .. diaorg paksa ngan reason yg akan POYO !!
disgusting betoll ..

*to A____ n Z_____ , sorry maa .. aku xdpt nk laksanakan impian salah sorg drpd korg ..
sorry bangt yaaww !!
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